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The O2

Agency: Thinkfarm


The O2 Cityscape Photoshop Retouch

Cityscape Photoshop Retouch

The O2 is the world's number one entertainment destination. Its entertainment district includes an indoor arena, a music club, a cinema, an exhibition space, piazzas, bars and restaurants.

Having worked at the start of 'The O2' project, developing core imagery, brochures, websites, 48-sheets, national press ads and exhibition material for trade and public audiences. The 'cityscape' image required a detailed level of photoshop retouching.

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Greenwich Peninsula Brochure Design

Greenwich Peninsula Leisure & Entertainment Quarter Proposal

A 36 page proposal outlining to Greenwich Council and the Mayor of London the plans for the Greenwich Peninsula and Entertainment Quarter.

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The O2 PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentations

A series of PowerPoint presentations for the Founding Partners of The O2.

The O2 Entrance Walkway Outdoor Advertising

Entrance Walkway Outdoor Advertising

A series of ten 48-sheet posters that reveal a time-line of music history as you walk from Greenwich underground station into The O2.

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The O2 Intimacy Ad

Intimacy Advertising

This trade ad needed to convey the intimacy The O2 could offer to a wider range of artists by masking off the upper tier with the new tailor made draping system offering a capacity from 5,000.

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The O2 WoW Photobook Design

WOW - What a Year Photobook

This 210 page limited edition book was comissioned especially for The O2 staff and partners to unpack the first year at the world’s most popular music venue.

The design hangs from a single thread of copy that runs throughout the book changing colour from cover-to-cover illustrating the diversity The O2 has to offer.

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Marketing Suite Design

Marketing Suite

The marketing suite situated in AEG's head office in Canary Wharf featured large wall mounted graphics and a walkable floor map detailing the accessibility of The O2.

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The O2 Photoshop Retouch

The O2 Photoshop Retouch

This is the first image of The O2 that was used on all original marketing material before being superceeded by the 'cityscape' image. The image involved heavy photoshop retouching to adapt the original photo to as you see now.

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TheO2 Digital Image Retouch

Inside The O2 Photoshop Retouch

With the grand opening of The O2 only weeks away it was essential to launch a marketing campaign to show the public what awaited them. An on-site photoshoot was arranged and heavy photoshop manipulation helped achieve the final results.

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The O2 Marketing CD Design

Marketing CD

Day to day communications in support of The O2.

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“ Jason has played a pivotal role in the creative rebrand for our venue from the beginning of The O2 project back in early 2005. He has created fresh and unique designs which have allowed our brand to grow and become the most popular venue in the world.”
“ Jason designed a key piece of communication in June 2008 celebrating our first birthday - The WOW book. Through this design project he created real personality and emotion that any brand strives to achieve.”
“ On a practical note, it has always been a pleasure working with Jason. As a client, our briefs can often be either rather open or very focussed but Jason has always been patient and understanding, delivering quality designs.”

Richard Philip

Brand Marketing Manager
The O2