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Princess Phonetics HD Educational App for the iPad

Engage your children in the phonetics teaching system with this easy to use application for the iPad. Perfect for parents in aiding your children to learn the alphabet and alphabet sounds.

What are Phonetics?

Phonetics is the recognised teaching system by the UK and US education systems, where children learn the individual sounds that letters make (phonics).

Application Benefits

- Educational tool to aid parents
- Learn the alphabet
- Learn the alphabet sounds
- Uppercase and lowercase letters
- Touch individual letters to hear the letter sounds
- Easy to use
- Clean and simple interface to engage your children
- Makes learning fun
- Personalise your learning experience with a choice of backgrounds
- Voice-over by Molly, aged 5

Princess Phonetics HD available on the App storePrincess Phonetics HD App Store

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Princess Phonetics HD for iPad

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